Explore the Highway with Hampton Hotels' "Save-A-Landmark" Program


Hogback Bridge, Winterset, Iowa

In April 2000, Hampton Hotels launched "Save-A-Landmark," a campaign dedicated to refurbishing historical, fun and cultural landmarks that reside along North America's highways. Landmark refurbishments include painting, cleaning, replacing siding and doors, and landscaping, as well as other preservation and beautification efforts Hampton hotel volunteers can support. The program has provided hundreds of hours and more than $2.5 million toward the research, attention and preservation of America's roadside landmarks for future generations. According to a 2003 Travel Industry Association (TIA) study, there is continuing interest in -travelers' desire to experience cultural, arts, historic and heritage activities.‖ More than 80 percent of U.S. adults who traveled in the past year, or 118 million, are considered historic/cultural travelers.

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AWARD-WINNING PROGRAMIn April 2010, Hampton Hotels' Save-A-Landmark program was honored with the Communitas Award in Hotel Chain category recognizing Hampton's contributions through the program and how it benefits the community.

On July 25, 2009, Hampton Hotels' Save-A-Landmark program was presented with the 2009 George Palmer Putnam Award by the Ninety-Nine's Inc. The award was in recognition of the program's refurbishment of the Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum in Atchison, Kansas, completed on July 24, 2008. The Ninety-Nines are an association of female pilots, of which Amelia Earhart served as their first president.

Atlas Theatre, Cheyenne, Wyoming
The Save-A-Landmark program was honored with the 2006 Preserve America Presidential Award - the first hotel chain ever recognized by a U.S. President for its preservation efforts. President George W. Bush presented the prestigious award to Hampton executives during a Rose Garden ceremony at the White House on May 1, 2006. Mrs. Laura Bush is Honorary Chair of the Preserve America initiative. The Preserve America Presidential Awards are given annually to organizations, businesses, government entities, and individuals for: exemplary accomplishments in the sustainable use and preservation of cultural or natural heritage assets; demonstrated commitment to the protection and interpretation of America's cultural or natural heritage assets; and integration of these assets into contemporary community life, combining innovative, creative, and responsible approaches to showcasing historic local resources.

The Save-A-Landmark program was the winner of the 2004 SMITHSONIAN Magazine/Travelers Conservation Foundation Sustainable Tourism Award in the preservation category. The award, which highlights a brand's commitment and ability to protect and restore cultural treasures with an innovative and effective approach, distinguishes Hampton as the first hotel brand ever to be nationally recognized for its preservation efforts.

As part of the distinction, Hampton received a cash prize of $20,000, which was used to complete the restoration of the Admiral Twin Drive-In in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

With 55 landmarks saved and several more on the horizon, the program continues to generate support and excitement from tourists all over North America.

SELECTION CRITERIARoadside attraction projects are selected after conducting extensive research. Selection criteria for landmarks include: overall refurbishment costs, community interest and accessibility to local Hampton hotels for volunteer support.

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